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The staff of our centre show a commitment to “Belonging, Being and Becoming”, The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia as well as the National Quality framework and the National Quality standards. These will guide the policies and decisions made at the centre on a daily basis as we aim to provide a service that meets and exceeds that National Quality Standard.

Every child who attends the centre will be given the right to have their potential supported and this will be achieved by the staff of the centre displaying a profound respect for the child as a human being in the present, a thinking, communicating, acting, and creating, feeling person.

The staff will show belief in every child’s ability and competence. They will seek signs of competence in every child recognising and responding to each child’s strengths.
The staff will support the children’s learning by engaging them in experiences that reflect their interests and their lives. Children will be engaged deeply in an unhurried way, learning “ lessons for life”.

Respectful life enhancing relationships will be promoted by the centre and the centre’s staff. The relationships will support the children to:-

  • Feel a sense of belonging
  • Have recognition of being who they are right now and valuing this moment.
  • Have an awareness of becoming and the development of lifelong citizens.
  • See themselves as constructive contributors to the community
  • See themselves as valued, unique and powerful human beings
  • Engage in relationships of caring and respect
  • Appreciate the effects of communication, collaboration and working together as a means of generating new ideas, making progress, being creative and innovative, and solving problems.

The staff will be aware of the 5 outcome areas of “Belonging, being and becoming (EYLF) as assist the children in working towards these outcomes while engaged in play based experiences that are meaningful and which enrich their lives because they are interesting and life relevant.

The Staff of the centre will strive to build a rich picture of every child, recognising their differences and respecting these differences showing an honour of diversity.
The staff of the centre will assist the children to be comfortable with differences and to appreciate the fundamental commonalities and similarities that lie behind many differences, and to truly understand the notion of unity through diversity.
The staff of the centre will sometimes lead the children, sometimes follow and sometimes be a participant in the child’s/children’s experience, showing wisdom to which role is appropriate.

The staff of the centre will be confident and open to change, ideas and new concepts. The staff are also learners working collaboratively with the children, colleagues and parents. The centre as an organisation will assist the professionals of the centre to identify what they enjoy and are good at and support them to use those strengths and interests to benefit the centre.

Parents will not only be welcomed and invited to become involved in the centre but will also be collaborators with the professionals and the child in provisions made for the children.
The children’s experience in their family and the family’s perspective on the child will be taken into account and the professionals will operate in partnership with parents on behalf of their child. The family is the most powerful influence on their child’s/children’s learning and development. Parents will be encouraged to enrich and expand the professional’s picture of their child through sharing their own perspective of their child.

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