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One of the fundamental ideas that underpin the philosophy of Umina kids club, is that children are respected, empowered citizens who have a voice and who make conscious decisions about their own learning. This is reflected through many of the different experiences that we offer the children and some of these life experiences are best supported through excursions and visitors to the centre.

In order for the staff to keep children’s learning authentic and challenging, we will sometimes look beyond the walls of the centre. We find that excursions are two fold in their significant value, by this we find that not only are the children are exposed to people and places that offer new perspectives, actual real life ideas, the ability to be exposed to real animals, objects and situations, they are also being seen by the wider community and expressing their right to part of the learning community. A child seen sketching an animal at the zoo or even a young toddler seen to be mimicking the sounds made by the kangaroo at the retile park is sharing their knowledge and learning journey with the wider community and this is valuable to everyone.

Excursions must be related to our topics of interest, we have been to the zoo, the reptile park, the aquarium, the museum, the local shops, local theatre productions and many other places that support the children’s learning. We find that these experiences enrich our classroom discussions and programs immensely and are a valuable part of what we wish to offer the children.

See some photos of just our recent Reptile park outing....a fabulous day which was followed up by so many classroom investigations and which was stimulated by our Australia day discussions.