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"We are so grateful to have Umina Kids Klub as an extended part of the Kearney family. The passion each and every member of the team has for their job is a joy to witness. It’s obvious they have the interests of my children, and indeed all the other children, at heart. We enjoy coming to the centre for pick up and drop off. I am grateful that the educators understand that some days the kids find it hard to leave us and even when there are tears, I know they don’t last long as the fun begins! And I know I can call any time to check in and get an honest report of how my kids are doing. I’m grateful for everything they’re learning at Kids Klub. I couldn’t do half the educational and fun activities you guys organise!

I know that Daisy will be ready for the new challenge of school next year after a wonderful start in the 3-4 room with Kylie T and her team and then on to the 4-5 room with Lisa, James, Keelee and Sonia. You love these kids and love filling their hungry minds. I’m grateful to all the girls in the baby room. It feels like Shelley has been the room leader for ever. It is clear how much all the girls, including Shelley, Monique, Kaitlin, Kana and Mel. The baby room is such a wonderful and nurturing space. Archie is learning so much!
Kylie O’Connell is always so happy and friendly and goes out of her way to help us in any way. We are grateful for the great family events she’s organised, including the Picnic and Disco as well as the Father’s Day breakfast. They’ve provided us with opportunities to get to know other families. Kylie, it’s obvious you love what you do and we love you for that!
We could not be happier at Umina Kids Klub and I’m so glad we have a few more years as part of this lovely community. It takes a village and I’m grateful you are all part of our village."

Justine, Rod, Daisy and Archie Kearney