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At kids Clubs we love to share special experiences with our families. Often it is through these informal times where parents, children and staff have the opportunity to engage in an unhurried way, that the genuine trust of relationships is consolidated and strengthened. Children love to see their family involved in the service and below are some of the events and photos from the special times we have shared with the families.


There will always be new events that offer opportunity for families to meet each other and participate in the centre’s experiences and we will keep you well informed...everyone is always welcome!

Upcoming Events

Wednesday the 10th of May Pj day gold coin donation.
Friday the 12th of May Mother’s day morning tea starts at 10am rsvp in book in foyer.
Monday the 15th of May 3-4 year excursion to Fisherman’s wharf
Wednesday the 17th of May Family disco night starts at 6pm rsvp in book in foyer.
Saturday the 3rd of June weekend adventure 5pm at Somersby. The focus will be the element fire (more information to follow).